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3Commas helps users grow their cryptocurrency investments using a feature-rich terminal and proven automated bots that take full advantage of the Binance exchange platform.

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Manage all your crypto activity from a single trading interface

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Automate trading

Our DCA, Grid, and Futures bots are proven performers that execute your trading strategy at scale. The market never sleeps, and neither do our bots.

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Track Performance

3Commas’ dashboard shows you exactly how your portfolio and trades are performing in real time, allowing you to optimize your strategy for maximum return on investment.

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Stay Secure

Your funds are always secure because our service interfaces with your crypto exchange accounts via encrypted API keys with zero permissions to withdraw funds.

Reviews of 3Commas

“Works perfectly. Was looking for something like this for a really long time.”

– Aleksandr on

"I can finally sleep without worrying about my trades!"

– Jesse Ali on

“I was looking for a program to automate my trading strategies. 3Commas is the perfect solution.”

– Chandana on

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Here’s how you can add Binance to your exchange list on 3Commas

With your browser open to, open up a new tab and follow the instructions below:

  1. Go to and log in or create a new account.

  2. Hover over the profile button in the top right corner of the Binance exchange interface and click on “API Management

  3. Named your API Key (We suggest naming it 3Commas).

  4. Click “Create API” and then enter your 2FA codes.

  5. Go to the “My Exchanges” tab on the top left and select Binance under “Connect a New exchange

  6. Add your Binance API key to 3Commas

For a more detailed list of instructions and troubleshooting, please visit our article on creating Binance API keys.

With 3Commas, your portfolio can perform in any market

In various market conditions, there are trading strategies that can be advantageous. 3Commas bots are particularly effective at reducing average acquisition costs, potentially enhancing your trade outcomes.

Bear markets

Use DCA Short bots to borrow and sell tokens at the current price and buy them back at a lower price

Bull markets

Use DCA Long bots to buy the natural dips and sell the spikes as the price rises over time, achieving a better average entry price for your positions

Sideways markets

Use Grid bots to pick up cheaper tokens when they hit support levels and sell them when they’re close to resistance levels

3Commas has over 160,000 active monthly users and a proven track record of empowering users to manage and grow their cryptocurrency portfolios with our software’s unique tools. Ready to hit the ground running with a PRO trial period?

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What’s the difference between Binance U.S. and Binance Global?

Good question! For U.S. users, Binance may not be the optimal choice due to low trading volume. Due to financial regulations in the U.S., Binance spun off the U.S. exchange into its own unit in 2020. Even then, it’s still not available in Connecticut, Hawaii, Idaho, Louisiana, New York, Texas, Vermont, and Washington. You can read more details in this article

What is

Binance is a crypto exchange and trading platform where users interact with a trading interface to buy and sell cryptocurrency tokens. It is one of the largest exchanges in the world, although traders in the U.S. are limited to trading on Binance.US, which has significantly smaller volume. Users can trade on Binance using any 3Commas crypto trading bot. The full suite of multi-pair bots using back-tested algorithms and third party signals, including futures bots, is available for people with a Binance global account.

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What are the best bots for Binance trading and how do they work?

The best trading bots for Binance will allow multi-pair algorithmic trading that can utilize customized or preset strategies to guide the bot’s actions. The signals and indicators used to tell the bot what to do must be customizable to meet an individual user’s needs. Trading bots on Binance must be able to achieve the user’s goals in bear markets, bull markets, or sideways markets. These bots communicate with the Binance exchange via encrypted API, ensuring that they execute commands quickly and securely.

What is the best trading bot for Binance?

There is no single best trading bot for Binance, because users need bots built to specialize in specific trading categories and markets. Here are examples of automated trading bots from 3Commas and how they’re used on Binance

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DCA Bot for Binance

DCA, or Dollar Cost Averaging, is a strategy for achieving the best entry and exit points for trading positions.

On Binance, users have the option to configure a DCA bot to navigate both bear and bull markets. As market conditions fluctuate, a DCA bot can seek gains by strategically purchasing at designated prices and capitalizing on upward movements.

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Grid Bot for Binance

The 3Commas Grid Bot is the ideal bot for markets where the price is bouncing between somewhat consistent resistance and support levels.

This is also known as a sideways market. A Grid Bot chooses a top line below the resistance level, a bottom line above the support level,and then starts with a line in between. As the price moves up and hits grid lines, the bot will sell a predetermined amount of a token. As the price moves down below the median line, the bot will buy a predetermined amount of a token at each grid line. During periods of market inactivity for Hodlers, traders have the opportunity to gain from utilizing a Grid Bot.

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Futures Bot for Binance

Futures trading is a market-neutral strategy that can be implemented to potentially benefit from movements in either direction of the market.

Users speculate on the future price of cryptocurrencies to create derivatives contracts that can represent the true value of an asset. There is a buyer and a seller for every futures contract. When the contract execution date is reached, the buyer must buy and the seller must sell. This is different from an options contract where, as the name implies, the buyer has the option to buy at a predetermined price but can also pay the fee and avoid making the purchase.

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What are the advantages of a 3Commas Binance Trading Bot?

Our software stands above our competitors’ as a result of its large number of automation tools and its simple and intuitive layout. While most other algorithm development tools are either too complex for anyone but a computer programmer to use or too simple to be useful, 3Commas has perfected our interface so that it is the absolute best option on the market for users from all backgrounds and levels of experience.

How to use the 3Commas trading bot on Binance?

  1. Go to Binance, log in or create an account.

  2. Now connect your Binance exchange account to 3Commas, by going to the My Portfolio page, click the "Connect a new account" button and the account connection tool will appear.Click the "Exchanges" option, then the "Binance" button and finally the "Connect Binance" button.You'll be redirected to the Binance website to acknowledge the connection request and accept the API key creation terms.
    When this is complete, you'll be redirected back to 3Commas and will see the newly linked Binance account portfolio within 3Commas!

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  • Binance has a very simple flat trading fee of 0.1% per trade. This flat fee can also be discounted by using the Binance coin (BNB) to pay your fees and based on your monthly trading volume.

  • All clients receive a free trial for signing up!

  • There is no need to download software when using 3Commas. You can gain access to our trading interface directly from your browser.

  • There is a great step-by-step tutorial here that walks you through the development of your Binance API key and demonstrates how you use it with your 3Commas trading interface.

  • 3Commas uses a multi-layered security approach with APIs.

    Binance offers FastConnect, which is a method of connecting your exchange account to 3Commas that adds significant protection to your account.

    We have a separate encrypted storage space called Sign Center that can sign transactions without exposing your API key, similar to Metamask.
    We offer IP whitelisting so you can lock down your API key at the exchange level and prevent any trades from outside IP addresses.

  • Yes, Binance allows trading bots as long as those bots do not violate any of the terms and conditions for utilizing services on the Binance exchange platform. Any account in good standing can connect to their bots through the Binance API and begin executing trades. The Binance API does not allow bots to withdraw funds from the exchange, whether cryptocurrencies or fiat currency.

  • You trade bots on Binance with a crypto trading management software. Once you’ve connected your Binance account via their API, you can utilize bots that your trading software supports. You can create a bot with custom signals, or you can use presets available through the bot software’s marketplace. Once your bot is configured, you ensure your Binance account has the correct level of funding for the cryptocurrencies you’ll be trading, and then you can activate your bot.

  • Trading bots can be profitable, but there are many variables that influence the performance of bots. Bots are reliable, but they will do exactly what the user instructs them to do, and no more. Bots are successful when they’re configured to take advantage of specific market conditions. Companies that provide bots, such as 3Commas, can create very reliable bots, but no one can guarantee they will be profitable if the user does not configure them in a manner that leads to profitable trades.

  • The best crypto trading bot is the one that executes trades quickly, reliably, and efficiently using the inputs you’ve given it. Ultimately, this depends on the preferences for individual users. Some companies compete by offering lower prices and other companies cost more but offer more reliable bots and dev teams that roll out new features frequently.

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Binance Trading Bot - Bot for Binance Exchange | 3Commas (2024)
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