Is Rick and Morty Season 7 Available on Netflix? (2024)

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The beloved animated series, Rick and Morty, is back for its seventh season, promising more interdimensional escapades, bizarre humour, and unexpected twists. However, the burning question on many fans’ minds is, Is Rick and Morty Season 7 available on Netflix? This comprehensive article will explore the show’s availability on Netflix. So, without wasting any further moment let’s start with the article itself.

Rick and Morty: A Brief Overview

Rick and Morty is a critically acclaimed animated series created by Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon. It follows the adventures of an eccentric and sociopathic scientist, Rick Sanchez, and his timid grandson, Morty Smith, as they journey through time and space, encountering an array of bizarre and often dangerous situations. The show has captured the hearts of audiences worldwide with its clever humour, thought-provoking themes, and distinctive animation style.

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Rick and Morty Season 7: A New Chapter

As Rick and Morty Season 7 unfolds, fans are in for a treat. This season marks a significant change, as Justin Roiland, who voiced both Rick and Morty, is no longer part of the cast. This change is due to various allegations against the creator and voice actor, though he has since been cleared of all charges. The show must go on, and it does so with fresh talent taking on the roles of the titular characters. The first episode of Season 7, titled How Poopy Got His Poop Back, aired on October 15, 2023, 11 p.m. ET. on US network Adult Swim.

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Is Rick and Morty Season 7 Available on Netflix?

Rick and Morty’s availability on Netflix has undergone some changes in recent years. The show is no longer as widely accessible on the platform as it once was. However, it is still available in select countries. According to Unogs, a platform that tracks Netflix content, the show can be streamed on Netflix in at least 15 countries, including Australia, Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, India, Israel, Italy, Japan, Lithuania, South Africa, South Korea, Switzerland, Turkey, and United Kingdom.

In most of these countries, you can expect to see all six seasons of Rick and Morty. For viewers in these regions, the availability of the show on Netflix provides a convenient way to catch up on past seasons and watch new episodes of Season 7.

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Rick and Morty Season 7 United Kingdom: A Unique Case

UK presents a unique case when it comes to Rick and Morty. In UK, the first-run rights for the show are with Channel 4, which airs the series on E4. This means that UK viewers can catch new episodes of Rick and Morty for free, as long as they have a valid TV license. Episodes are broadcast weekly on E4 and become available on the Channel 4 streaming service, All 4, after airing.

For Netflix subscribers in UK, the wait to access Season 7 will likely be longer. Based on prior seasons, it’s expected that Netflix UK won’t acquire Season 7 until around October 2024. This delay is due to the first-run rights held by Channel 4.

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Rick and Morty Season 7 Expected Weekly in Select Regions

Netflix’s release schedule for new episodes of Rick and Morty Season 7 may vary by region. While Netflix has not officially confirmed its weekly episode plans for most countries, historical patterns suggest that deals in place for previous seasons, including Season 6, are likely to apply to Season 7. As of now, all regions mentioned earlier, with the exception of United Kingdom, are expected to receive weekly episodes.

In these countries, new episodes are set to arrive on Netflix the day after their US broadcast date. This means that new episodes began dropping on Netflix on Monday, October 16, 2023. The episode rollout for Season 7, as reported by The Wrap, is as follows:

Episode 1, How Poopy Got His Poop Back: Oct. 15
Episode 2, The Jerrick Trap: Oct. 22
Episode 3, Air Force Wong: Oct. 29
Episode 4, That’s Amorte: Nov. 5
Episode 5, Unmortricken: Nov. 12
Episode 6, Rickfending Your Mort: Nov. 19
Episode 7, Wet Kuat Amortican Summer: Nov. 26
Episode 8, Rise of the Numbericons: The Movie: Dec. 3
Episode 9, Mort: Ragnarick: Dec. 10
Episode 10, Fear No Mort: Dec. 17

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How to Watch Rick and Morty on Various Devices

If you’re using Netflix, you can watch Rick and Morty on various devices since the streaming service is widely supported.

How to Watch Rick and Morty on Roku:

To watch Rick and Morty on Roku, subscribe to the Netflix channel if available in your region and enjoy Rick and Morty.

How to Watch Rick and Morty on Amazon Fire TV Stick:

Netflix has a dedicated app for Amazon FireOS, including compatibility with Fire TV Stick. Install the Netflix app on your Fire TV Stick then open the Netflix app, search for Rick and Morty, and enjoy.

Final Words!

In conclusion, the availability of Rick and Morty Season 7 on Netflix depends on your region. The show is accessible on Netflix in select countries, and new episodes are expected to be released weekly, typically the day after their US broadcast. However, the situation is unique in United Kingdom, where Channel 4 holds first-run rights, and Netflix availability is expected at a later date.

Is Rick and Morty Season 7 Available on Netflix? (2024)
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