Statement of Attainment in Supervise Asbestos Removal 900-82613 | TAFE NSW (2024)

OverviewAbout this course

Create an asbestos removal control plan (ARCP). Gain sound foundational training in work health and safety practices and legislation requirements to ensure compliance. Work as a nominated supervisor, a vital role on any licensed asbestos removal job.

OutcomesWhat you'll gain

Learning outcomes

Through a mixture of theory and practical course work, learn to:

  • Plan for and supervise the removal process for friable and non-friable asbestos containing material (ACM)

  • Prepare the work area and the worksite and check serviceability of tools and equipment

  • Ensure that personal protective equipment (PPE) for workers is provided and stored on site

  • Use safe and compliant removal practices

  • Supervise the decontamination and removal processes

Course outcomes

Gain practical experience and develop specialist skills that give you an advantage in the job market.

SuitabilityIs this course right for you?

Entry requirements

This course requires evidence of previous experience or study before you can enrol

  • Successful completion of the unit, CPCCDE3014 Remove non-friable asbestos (or its equivalent competency) as evidenced by your transcript, or

  • Successful completion of the unit, CPCCDE3015 Remove friable asbestos (or its equivalent competency) as evidenced by your transcript

Completion requirements

During your study you’ll need to provide your teacher with the following evidence:

  • 100 points for identification which includes your date of birth, signature, address and a photo. This is needed for the SafeWork assessment. For more information, please visit SafeWork NSW.

Entry recommendations

To be prepared for this course, we recommend that you have:

  • A safety-conscious mindset

  • Keen attention to detail

  • A desire to supervise an asbestos removal team

  • An in-depth knowledge and awareness of the asbestos removal processes and compliance requirements

  • Language, literacy and numeracy at a Year 12 level

  • A sound knowledge of work health and safety (WHS) requirements

TAFE NSW is committed to meeting the learning needs of every community. Meeting these needs can mean there are additional entry requirements at different campus locations. Check your preferred location for further requirements. If you need help preparing for study, contact us to find out how we can support you.

PathwaysFuture career and study options

Career pathways

Our graduates go onto roles like: nominated supervisor for an asbestos removalist company.


Asbestos removal is dangerous and can cause death if not handled correctly. You must hold a valid asbestos removal licence to work with asbestos. You must be at least 18 years of age to apply for this licence. In NSW, there are different asbestos removal licences that will allow you to work with different types of asbestos. This course will provide you with the required training to apply for your asbestos removal licence. However, you will need to fulfil other criteria. To find out more details and to check current application requirements, visit the SafeWork NSW website.

Study pathways

Take your study further with other courses offered at TAFE NSW:

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The Statement of Attainment in Supervise Asbestos Removal does not have any pre-requisite courses.

Further study3 Courses

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  • Certificate III in Carpentry
  • Certificate III in Plumbing (General Plumber)
  • Certificate IV in Building and Construction (Building)
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Your experience counts

At TAFE NSW, we recognise your previous study and work experience. You can apply for recognition of prior learning or a credit transfer with any of our courses. If you're successful you'll get your qualification faster.

UnitsUnits taught in this course

Core units - 1

Core units are central to the job outcomes of a particular industry or occupation. These are the units industry has agreed are essential to be capable and qualified at a particular study level.

  • Supervise asbestos removalCPCCDE4008

TAFE NSW servicesFacilities and support

TAFE NSW provides support services across all campus locations and online. Whatever your needs or circ*mstances, we have the people, resources, counselling and facilities to support you in focusing on your studies.

  • TAFE NSW Disability Support Service

  • TAFE NSW Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) support

  • TAFE NSW Aboriginal Support; Learner support (ABE)

  • TAFE NSW Careers, Counselling and Pathways Service

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  • Scholarship programs – be supported as you explore your talents and fulfil your potential

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Statement of Attainment in Supervise Asbestos Removal 900-82613 | TAFE NSW (2024)
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