Want to Quit Real Estate? Here's Why You Should Stay (2024)

Some days, working in real estate blows. You don't crush the open house, a buyer backs out of a sale, and finding leads feels like pulling teeth. If you're feeling frustrated, you're not alone. Even the most successful real estate professionals think about leaving once in a while.

Does that mean you should quit? No. Don't let your frustrations push you out of such a rewarding field. There are some amazing reasons to stay in real estate, and they go way beyond appeals to a sunk-cost fallacy. Let's explore that.

Why Do YouReallyWant to Quit Real Estate?

Be honest with yourself: why do youreallywant to quit real estate? Make a list. Some popular reasons include:

Sit with your list and reflect. Would quitting address those frustrations? You might realize you don't actually have to quit real estate at all. Maybe you just need a change of pace, scenery, and perspective.

5 Reasons to Stay in Real Estate

You might have several reasons to want to leave real estate, but there are even more reasons to stay.

1. The Earning Potential Is Great

You can make good money in real estate. According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the average take-home pay for real estate agents is $65,850 per year.

Plus, there are additional income streams you can tap into to boost your earnings. Professional event photography, home staging, and becoming a Notary Signing Agent are just a few examples — and they could all land you quality leads. If the financial lull between sales is what's making you reconsider your real estate career, these side hustles are worth looking into.

2. You Can Switch Roles

Real estate professionals can wear many hats. If you're unhappy with the type of work you're doing now, why not switch?

You could become a property manager if you enjoy working with people but don't love cold calling to find home sales leads. Or you could pivot to a commercial real estate agent role, where you'd likely close fewer deals per year but with higher payouts.

You're bound to find a real estate career pathtailored to your needs and wants.

3. Enjoy a Flexible Schedule

98% of professionals we surveyed say a career in real estate gives them good flexibility. That's a hard perk to find in a lot of other industries. And recent trends show workplaces are only getting stricter and less flexible.

If you're a parent, for example, you'd be hard-pressed to find a career that lets you be there for your family as much as real estate does. Even if you do choose to move to another industry, real estate lets you earn money during the transition as you go back to school, learn a trade, or pivot to another venture.

4. There's Room to Grow

If you've ever been stuck at a job that doesn't let you grow professionally, then you know just how soul-crushing it can feel. Real estate is the opposite of that.

You have all the freedom to innovate and explore new skills. From developing your graphic design skills to becoming an expert on social media advertising, there's always so much to learn. This is exactly what continuing education is all about!

5. Making Human Connections Is Rewarding

Chances are one of the reasons why you got into this career was to help people. Sure, the money is great. But helping a young family close on their first home or securing a great deal for a couple wanting to downsize and retire is priceless.

Take pride in the human connections you've made throughout your career, especially on those most challenging days.

Invest in Your Real Estate Business (and in Yourself)

If you're committed to thriving in real estate, we commend you. Facing your frustrations and challenges isn't easy, but it pays off! Enrolling in continued education courses will help you regain that excitement you felt when you were just starting. Renew your license, learn how to innovate your real estate business, and start thriving in this fulfilling industry.

Want to get your Real Estate License? Begin your Pre-Licensing Course today!

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Updated 11/17/23

Want to Quit Real Estate? Here's Why You Should Stay (2024)
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