What are the largest industrial REITs? (2024)

What are the largest industrial REITs?

What is the largest industrial REIT? Prologis Inc. (NYSE: PLD) is the largest industrial REIT in the world.

What is the largest logistic REIT?

The largest industrial and logistics REIT, Prologis, saw its market cap increase from about 75 billion U.S. dollars to approximately 93 billion U.S. dollars between September 2022 and October 2023.

Is Prologis the largest industrial REIT?

Summary. Prologis is the largest player in Industrial REITs, with exposure to high barrier-to-entry markets. PLD has a strong track record of FFO/share growth and enjoys high occupancy and tenant retention rates.

What is the difference between industrial and commercial REITs?

One of the benefits of industrial REITs is that they are adaptable to meet the demands at any time during an economic cycle. Unlike commercial properties REITs, where units are built according to each tenant's preferences, industrial REITs are built in a way that they can be customized to different uses.

Does Warren Buffett own any REITs?

However, Berkshire sold its holdings of STORE Capital in 2022 after the company announced it was being acquired by two outside investment funds. Since then, filings have shown that Berkshire Hathaway has not owned shares of any other REIT.

How many industrial REITs are there?

The REIT - Industrial industry has a total of 17 stocks, with a combined market cap of $274.19 billion, total revenue of $23.74 billion and a weighted average PE ratio of 37.80.

What are the largest international REITs?

Leading REITs globally 2023 by market cap

Prologis Inc, American Tower Corp, and Equinix INC were the real estate investment trusts (REITs) worldwide with the largest market caps as of March 2023.

What is the largest REIT in the United States?

The infrastructure real estate investment trust (REIT) Prologis was the largest U.S. REIT as of November 2023, with a market cap of almost 95.4 million U.S. dollars.

What is the outlook for industrial REITs?

Industry Valuation and Performance

Has the U.S. Industrial REITs Industry valuation changed over the past few years? Investors are relatively neutral on the American Industrial REITs industry at the moment, indicating that they anticipate long term growth rates to remain steady.

What is an industrial REIT?

Industrial REITs own and manage industrial facilities and rent space in those properties to tenants. Some industrial REITs focus on specific types of properties, such as warehouses and distribution centers. Industrial REITs play an important part in e-commerce and are helping to meet the rapid delivery demand.

Is Prologis a good REIT?

Summary. Prologis, the largest US REIT with a $104 billion market cap, boasts a diversified business benefiting from strong e-commerce trends. With over 6,700 customers and the top 25 customers representing less than 21% of the portfolio, the Company is strongly positioned to navigate market uncertainty and thrive.

What are the list of the largest office REITs?

When measured by market capitalization, the largest office REITs in the United States are Alexandria Real Estate Equities, Boston Properties, Gecina, Nippon Building Fund and Dexus.

What is the largest single tenant REIT?

Realty Income Corp.

Realty Income is a retail REIT that owns, develops and manages U.S. retail real estate with a focus on single-tenant buildings. It is the largest triple-net REIT in the U.S., meaning tenants pay all property expenses, including real estate taxes, maintenance and building insurance.

What REIT does Warren Buffett have?

in 2022, and per Berkshire Hathaway's latest 13F quarterly report, filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission, Buffett's portfolio currently has no publicly traded REIT. However, the same filing also suggests Buffett does have plans to invest in real estate.

Why doesn t Warren Buffett buy REITs?

Poor Rates Of Compounding: Another big reason why REITs generally have low appeal to Buffett and Munger is because real estate generates poor returns on invested capital.

What does Warren Buffett say about REITs?

Warren Buffet prefers to invest in REITs instead of real property because they are a great source of passive income, reward-oriented, and more liquid than property ownership.

Can you become a millionaire investing in REITs?

REITs have been wealth-creating machines over the years. Realty Income, Equity Lifestyle, and Prologis have all outperformed the S&P 500 over the long term. These well-built REITs should continue enriching their investors in the future. They have the potential to turn long-term, consistent investors into millionaires.

Is AGNC a good dividend stock?

There's more to the story. Income-minded investors won't find a much higher-paying option right now than AGNC Investment (AGNC -0.84%), with its dividend yield of almost 15%. That's a much higher yearly payout than the stock market's average annual gain.

Do REITs pay monthly?

While some stocks distribute dividends on a quarterly or annual basis, certain REITs pay quarterly or monthly. That can be an advantage for investors, whether the money is used for enhancing income or for reinvestment, especially since more frequent payments compound faster.

Who bought pure industrial REIT?

Affiliates of Blackstone Property Partners and Ivanhoé Cambridge Inc. acquired 62% and 38% of PIRET, respectively.

How many REITs should I own?

“I recommend REITs within a managed portfolio,” Devine said, noting that most investors should limit their REIT exposure to between 2 percent and 5 percent of their overall portfolio. Here again, a financial professional can help you determine what percentage of your portfolio you should allocate toward REITs, if any.

What REIT owns the most Amazon warehouses?


is a Dallas-based industrial REIT that owns 111.6 million square feet in 563 properties across 41 states. At the end of 2022, Amazon was Stag Industrial's largest tenant, renting seven warehouses and accounting for 3.2% of its annualized base revenue.

What is better than REITs?

REITs allow individual investors to make money on real estate without having to own or manage physical properties. Direct real estate offers more tax breaks than REIT investments, and gives investors more control over decision making.

What is the largest REIT in 2023?

The infrastructure real estate investment trust (REIT) Prologis was the largest U.S. REIT as of November 2023, with a market cap of almost 93 million U.S. dollars. The funds from operation (FFO) of American Tower Corp are estimated to decrease by 0.5 percent.

Who owns the most REITs?

The five largest REITs in the United States in 2021 are: American Tower Corporation, Prologis, Crown Castle International, Simon Property Group and Weyerhaeuser.

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