What Haitian singer died on stage in France? (2024)

What Haitian singer died on stage in France?

Haitian Singer Mikaben

Michael Benjamin (June 27, 1981 – October 15, 2022), better known as Mikaben, was a Haitian singer, songwriter and record producer.
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Dies at 41 After Collapsing on Stage in Paris.

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What singer fell on stage and died?

While interacting with the audience and singing, Pedro Henrique lost his balance and fell backwards before crashing to the ground. Pedro Henrique, a 30-year-old Brazilian gospel singer, died during a live performance after collapsing on stage at a religious event in the northeastern city of Feira de Santana.

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Which Haitian singer collapsed on stage and died?

Michael Benjamin, a Haitian recording artist known by his stage name of “Mikaben,” died Saturday while performing in Paris with the Haitian konpa band CaRiMi, the Miami Herald reported. He was 41.

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What artist collapsed on stage and died?

Houston rapper Big Pokey dies after collapsing on stage

Rapper Big Pokey has died at the age of 45 after collapsing on stage in Texas. The artist, real name Milton Powell, passed away on Sunday, according to a post on his verified Instagram account.

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What musician died recently 2023?

Even by that light, 2023 was a year of exceptional grief in the music world. We bid farewell to some absolute titans (Harry Belafonte, Tina Turner, Tony Bennett), countercultural icons (David Crosby, Robbie Robertson, Jeff Beck), and beloved rebels (Sinead O'Connor, Tom Verlaine, Shane MacGowan), among many others.

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Which artist died on stage recently?

The gospel music world is mourning the loss of Pedro Henrique, a Brazilian singer who died on stage during a live performance on Wednesday. Henrique, 30, was singing his hit song 'Vai Ser Tão Lindo' at a religious event that was broadcasted online from a concert hall in Feira de Santana, a city in northeastern Brazil.

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Who was the actress killed on stage?

Russian theatre says actress Polina Menshikh died on stage in the Donbas region in a Ukrainian air raid. A Russian actress has been killed by a Ukrainian air attack while performing for Russian troops in eastern Ukraine.

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Who was the Haitian rapper that died?

Marc Daniel Cuvier, a rising rapper better known as Asap Jexus, was killed then burned in Port-au-Prince some time over the last week, according to local media reports. The death was confirmed by his mother on Radio Television Caraibes.

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What Haitian star died?

As he proceeded to leave the stage after a high-energy performance with a Haitian flag wrapped around him, Mikaben collapsed, leaving a pregnant wife and two young children behind, along with a legion of fans.

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Who was the 28 year old musician who collapsed on stage?

A 28-year-old South African rapper has died after appearing to collapse while on stage. Family of Costa Titch, whose real name was Constantinos Tsobanoglou, confirmed the sudden death at the weekend in an Instagram post.

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What popular musician died at 28 after collapsing on stage?

South African rapper Costa Titch died hours after he collapsed onstage during a live performance. The rapper was 28.

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What singer died while performing?

Pedro Henrique was rushed from the concert venue to a nearby medical clinic, where he was pronounced dead. Pedro Henrique was 30 years old. Brazilian gospel singer Pedro Henrique collapsed and died onstage during a live performance on Wednesday, and the whole incident was caught on camera.

What Haitian singer died on stage in France? (2024)
What famous celebs died in 2023?

  • Andre Braugher. Jun 30, 1962 - Dec 10, 2023. ...
  • Ryan O'Neal. Apr 19, 1941 - Dec 07, 2023. ...
  • Norman Lear. Jul 26, 1922 - Dec 04, 2023. ...
  • Sandra Day O'Connor. Mar 25, 1930 - Nov 30, 2023. ...
  • Henry Kissinger. May 26, 1923 - Nov 28, 2023. ...
  • Frances Sternhagen. Jan 12, 1930 - Nov 26, 2023. ...
  • Jean Knight. Jan 25, 1943 - Nov 21, 2023. ...
  • Rosalynn Carter.

What rapper died recently 2023?

Trugoy the Dove (1968 – 2023)

Trugoy the Dove on stage during his set at Coachella. David Jude Jolicoeur, who went by the stage name Trugoy the Dove, passed away in 2023 at the age of 54. Trugoy was a founding member of the Long Island-based alternative rap group De La Soul.

What famous person died in 2023?

Remembering the international celebrities we lost in 2023
  • Actor Matthew Perry and singers Sinéad O'Connor and Tina Turner were among the celebrities who passed away in 2023. Photo: AFP / File. ...
  • Matthew Perry. ...
  • Lisa Marie Presley. ...
  • Harry Belafonte. ...
  • Sinéad O'Connor. ...
  • Shane MacGowan. ...
  • Tina Turner. ...
  • Raquel Welch.
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What rock artist was killed on stage?

Dimebag had indeed been shot and killed while performing onstage with his band Damageplan. Not only had the world lose a charismatic wildman, a generous soul and a stellar musician, the game instantly changed for nearly every other musician.

Who died after a concert?

Ana Clara Benevides passed out during a Swift show in Rio, after fans were barred from bringing water inside the stadium.

What artist died before becoming famous?

Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890) Dutch-born Vincent van Gogh was a post-impressionist painter whose work was hugely influential after his death.

What band was killed on stage?

Dimebag was the guitarist for the heavy metal band Pantera, which blew up in the early to mid-90s, becoming one of the world's most famous rock acts. Dimebag was playing in his new band when the Pantera fan rushed the stage, shooting the guitarist in the head and killing three others.

Who was the actress shot in Hollywood?

Hollywood actress Vanessa Marquez was shot dead by the police at her home in South Pasadena in United States. According to reports, when police arrived at her residence, Vanessa was suffering from seizures. The police had gone for a welfare check after her concerned landlord called them.

Who was the woman who died on the movie set?

A woman has died and a man has been injured after actor Alec Baldwin fired a prop gun on a New Mexico film set for the 19th Century western Rust. Halyna Hutchins, 42, was shot while working on the set as director of photography.

Who was the Haiti singer that collapsed?

Mikaben was seen collapsing as he left stage at concert of Haitian group Carimi, on Saturday night. 1 min. Haitian singer Mikaben died in the middle of a concert in Paris on Saturday night from a suspected heart attack, shocking fans who saw him collapse as he made his way off stage.

Who was the first Haitian rapper?

Rap Kreyòl started in Haiti in the early '80s by the Late Great Master Dji, who witnessed how American Hip Hop gave birth to French Hip Hop while living in France. Hence, he moved back to Haiti and started the Hip Hop movement that took Haiti by storm.

Who is Haitian on Love and Hip Hop Miami?

Florence El Luche (Season 4) is a Haitian singer and self-professed "Queen of Kompa Music".

Who is the most famous singer in Haiti?

10 Of The Greatest And Most Famous Haitian Singers
  • J. Perry.
  • Emeline Michel.
  • Mikaben.
  • Beethova Obas.
  • Mélissa Laveaux.
  • Pras.
  • Saskya Sky.
  • Misty Jean.

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