Who is the African American that became the youngest golfer to win the Grand Slam in golf? (2024)

Who is the African American that became the youngest golfer to win the Grand Slam in golf?

2000: Tiger Woods wins the U.S. Open and British Open to become the youngest player to complete the career Grand Slam. He goes on to win nine times on the PGA Tour in 2000 alone.

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Who was the first African American to win a major golf tournament?

Pete Brown, the first black golfer to win a PGA Tour event, died Friday at Doctors Hospital in Augusta, Ga., at the age of 80. Brown won the 1964 Waco Turner Open and the 1970 Andy Williams-San Diego Open, the highlights to a 17-year career on the PGA Tour.

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Who was the first African American to earn a PGA Tour card?

1961 - Golfer Charlie Sifford became the first African-American player to earn a PGA Tour card. His other wins included the 1967 Greater Hartford Open Invitational, the 1969 Los Angeles Open, the 1975 PGA Seniors' Championship and the 1980 Suntree Classic, presently known as the Champions Tour.

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Which golfer was the first African American to win the US Masters Tournament he holds the record for most PGA wins with 82?

Professional golfer Tiger Woods became the youngest man and the first African American to win the U.S. Masters in 1997 and is now one of the winningest players in the sport.

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Who was the first African American golfer to win the Masters?

He returned to Augusta National in 1997 to watch Tiger Woods win the Masters by a record-setting 12 strokes, becoming the first African American golfer to win one of golf's four major tournaments. “Lee Elder came down, that meant a lot to me,” Woods said afterward.

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Who became the first and youngest African American to win the Masters?

The first African-American to ever play in the Masters Tournament in 1975, Elder was rushing to watch Tiger Woods, the rising young PGA Tour star he had known and mentored since he was 14 years old, make history by becoming the first African-American to win the Masters.

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How many African Americans have won on the PGA Tour?

2018: Cameron Champ becomes the seventh African American player to win on the PGA TOUR, behind Pete Brown, Charlie Sifford, Lee Elder, Calvin Peete, Jim Thorpe and Tiger Woods, with his victory at the Sanderson Farms Championship.

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Who are the 4 African Americans on the PGA Tour?

There are currently only four Black golfers with PGA Tour status: Woods, Harold Varner III, Cameron Champ, and Joseph Bramlett. That's four out of around 260 Tour regulars or 0.015 percent.

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Who was the black man who built his own golf course?

When William "Bill" Powell encountered racial discrimination on the golf course after returning home from World War II, he decided to build his own place to play, one where people of all colors would be welcome. In 1946, he established Clearview Golf Club in East Canton Ohio: “America's Course.”

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How many African Americans have won the Masters?

In 1997, Tiger Woods became the first black golfer to win the Masters. He went on to win four more green jackets, most recently in 2019. Elder was in attendance for Woods' first one. Golf has come a long way since 1975.

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Was Tiger Woods the first black person to win the Masters?

In 1997, Woods stoked imaginations when he became the first Black player to win the Masters. At just 21, he was the superstar some hoped (and others predicted) would revolutionize the sport by attracting more Black people to the golf course and inspiring the development of top Black pros.

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How many times did Bubba win the Masters?

Bubba Watson, (born Nov. 5, 1978, Bagdad, Florida, U.S.), American professional golfer noted for his two Major championships and powerful drives. He won the Masters Tournament in 2012 and 2014 and reached 2nd place in the world rankings of golf in 2015.

Who is the African American that became the youngest golfer to win the Grand Slam in golf? (2024)
Who was the first African American to break the color barrier and play in the Masters Tournament?

Lee Elder was the first African American to break the color barrier and play in the Masters Golf Tournament (1975).

Who broke the color barrier in golf?

This article originally appeared on the Fire Pit Collective, a Golf Digest content partner. There wasn't much opportunity for a young Black man in Tulsa, Okla., in the early 20th century.

Who was the first Black person to play golf at Augusta?

Robert Lee Elder (July 14, 1934 – November 28, 2021) was an American professional golfer. In 1975, he became the first African-American to play in the Masters Tournament, where he missed the cut. Elder was invited to the tournament after he won the 1974 Monsanto Open.

Did John Daly ever win the Masters?

He did however finish T-3 at the Masters Tournament and it became his only top-10 finish in a major championship outside his two wins. With no PGA Tour wins in 1993, Daly did manage to win the Alfred Dunhill Cup with Fred Couples and Payne Stewart. He had five top-25 finishes and one top-10 finish out of 15 cuts.

Who was the youngest to win the Masters?

Who is the youngest player to ever win The Masters Tournament? While Jack Nicklaus is the oldest golfer to ever win the Masters, it should honestly come as no surprise to learn that Tiger Woods is the youngest player to ever win at Augusta. Woods captured his first green jacket in 1997 at the age of 21.

When did Augusta allow Black players?

Augusta National admitted no African American members until 1990 and no women members until 2012. The club long required all caddies to be Black and banned Black golfers from the Masters Tournament until Lee Elder participated in 1975.

Who was the 14 year old to play in the Masters?

Guan qualified for the 2013 Masters Tournament by winning the 2012 Asia-Pacific Amateur Championship in Thailand. On 12 April 2013, he became the youngest player to make the cut in PGA Tour history and play in 2013 Masters. At 14 years, 5 months of age, Guan is the youngest to make the cut in a major championship.

Are there any black female pro golfers?

LaRee became the third African American to play on the LPGA Tour and Epson Tour, following Althea Gibson and Renee Powell who also competed on the LPGA Tour.

What percent of PGA is black?

Why it matters: Of the nearly 29,000 PGA of America members, fewer than 1 percent are African Americans, according to Golf Digest.

Who has the best winning percentage in PGA history?

In fact, only Tiger Woods has a better record, the American great having won 22% of the ranking tournaments he has played (93 wins from 421). The current world number one, Northern Ireland's Rory McIlroy, has an 8.3% success rate (31 from 372).

What is the name of the famous black golfer?

1. Tiger Woods. No list of famous black golfers is complete without Tiger Woods.

Who was the former black golfer?

Calvin Peete
Best results in major championships
Masters TournamentT11: 1986
PGA ChampionshipT3: 1982
U.S. OpenT4: 1983
16 more rows

Who is the black golfer on the PGA Tour?

Harold Varner III
Current tour(s)Asian Tour LIV Golf
Former tour(s)PGA Tour European Tour Web.com Tour eGolf Professional Tour
Professional wins3
Highest ranking35 (June 12, 2022) (as of December 3, 2023)
22 more rows

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