Why won't Andy Murray retire? (2024)

Why won't Andy Murray retire?

“He loves playing, and that's enough for some people to keep going. And he's won everything there is to win, almost. And he really is playing just because he wants to be out there. “I hate this feeling of trying to retire people before they're ready.

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Why doesn t Andy Murray retire?

"Motivation is obviously a big thing," Murray said when quizzed on his future. "Continuing having early losses in tournaments like this doesn't necessarily help. "It's similar to I guess last year. I had a long think about things, spoke to my family, decided to keep on going.

(Video) Andy Murray detaails why he won't retire as he discusses plans after 'satisfying' Dubai win
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Why is Andy Murray still playing tennis?

“I think everyone's case is a bit different. For me, I came back to play because I felt like I still had more to give but also because physically, I was able to compete at the highest level. That's why I'm still playing.”

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Is Andy Murray's wife a lady?

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Why did Murray withdraw?

Andy Murray had been forced to withdraw from the Cincinnati ATP Masters 1000 event because of an abdominal strain as he looks to be fit for the US Open, the final grand slam tournament of the year.

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Is Andy Murray about to retire?

“You know, ultimately these are the events that you want to play your best tennis in, and, you know, create more great moments and didn't do that this year.” Murray insists he currently has no plans to retire but admits “things might change”.

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Did Rafael Nadal retire from tennis?

The 36-year-old Spaniard, who has won 22 major titles, also said he plans to retire after the 2024 season. "I didn't make the decision, my body made the decision. To play Roland Garros is impossible," he said.

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What is Andy Murray ranked in the world?

As of 2023.11.27
42 RankMove1 Career High 2016.11.07
16-17 W-L0 Titles733-250 W-L
$989,396 Prize Money$64,246,026 Prize Money Singles & Doubles combined

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What is Andy Murray doing now?

For now, Murray said, he mostly listens to pitches and writes checks, but he plans to become more involved in his business ventures when he is done playing tennis.

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Does Andy Murray have a back problem?

Murray certainly has pushed his body to the limit. He has had recurring problems with his ankles and back and always an ambient humming from that congenital bipartite patella: “When Andy bends his knee,” notes Judy Murray, “the bone looks like Kermit the Frog smiling.”

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Does Andy Murray have 4 children?

Andy Murray shares four children with his wife Kim. The sportsman and Kim, née Sears, who is the daughter of leading British tennis coach Nigel, married in April 2015. The couple hosted their wedding at Dunblane Cathedral, near to where Andy grew up in Scotland.

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Does Andy Murray have 4 daughters?

Why won't Andy Murray retire? (2024)
How much money has Andy Murray worth?

What is Andy Murray's net worth? Andy's total net worth is estimated to be in the region of £130million. His career prize money earnings are over £50m, with only Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer on more.

How did Andy Murray get so rich?

As well as amassing millions in the sport of tennis, Murray has also received big paydays in the property industry.

Why did Andy Murray retire in Toronto?

There was more injury frustration for Andy Murray after being forced to withdraw from the Canadian Open in Toronto with an abdominal injury. He had been due to face Jannik Sinner in the last 16, but a recurrence of a similar problem to last year has curtailed his tournament.

Why did Murray have hip surgery?

Living with constant pain, Andy decided that more drastic measures were needed to help prolong his tennis career. Only an artificial implant would be enough to help solve the problem and he therefore opted for a hip resurfacing surgery.

Does Andy Murray have a limp?

The first phase is normalization of the gait... Andy had walked with a limp for a couple of years, as a protective and compensatory mechanism. Once the body realizes that there isn't any pain with putting weight on the hip any longer, then the muscles can function properly and strengthen.

Has Djokovic retired from tennis?

leaving tennis or thinking about an end if I'm still at the. top of the game." Novak Djokovic does not intend to retire from tennis.

Is Andy Murray playing in 2023?

Amid his pessimism, Murray could have opted to return to a low-level event as he looks to pick up some ranking points to close out 2023, but he is on the entry list for the ATP 500 event that gets underway in Basel on October 23rd.

Will Rafa retire in 2024?

'I think it makes no sense': Rafael Nadal not certain 2024 will be last year of his career. Rafael Nadal said on Thursday he could not confirm that 2024 would be his final season before retirement, saying it "makes no sense" to set a deadline for the end of his career.

Will Nadal play in 2024?

After weeks of speculation, Rafael Nadal has delighted tennis fans by confirming that he will return to action in 2024 after all. The Spaniard spoke to media on Wednesday at an event in Barcelona at the Clinica del Tenis, run by his sports physician, Dr.

Is Nadal retiring in 2024?

Rafael Nadal said he will likely retire from professional tennis in the second half of 2024, plus he will miss Roland Garros this year for the first time in 19 years with a left hip flexor injury that has sidelined him from competition since January's Australian Open.

Is Andy Murray considered a great?

From the courts of Dunblane to the best player on planet tennis, he's done it all. Murray is arguably Britain's greatest sportsperson of all time.

Was Andy Murray ever number 1?

Andy Murray is a professional tennis player who has been ranked world number 1 for 41 weeks. He is the only player, male or female, to win two Olympic gold medals in singles, which he did at the 2012 and 2016 Summer Olympics (since tennis was re-introduced to the Olympics in 1988).

Has Andy Murray ever won a Grand Slam?

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