Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes aims to become first player to win MVP, Super Bowl in same season this century (2024)

For the second time in his career, Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes was voted The Associated Press NFL Most Valuable Player.

Now he'll attempt to add two-time Super Bowl winner to his already prestigious resume on Sunday against the Philadelphia Eagles.

For Mahomes to become just the seventh player to win MVP and a Super Bowl in the same season, he'll need to break a long and dubious streak of MVPs coming up short in the biggest of big games.

The last nine AP NFL MVPs to play in the Super Bowl the same year lost the big game, according to NFL Research. Adding more historically bad mojo, the last to do so was Tom Brady, whose New England Patriots lost in Super Bowl LII to the Eagles.

Mahomes has rattled off ridiculous numbers and defied logic throughout an already spectacular career of just six seasons. However, history isn't on his side heading into Sunday.

No player this century has captured the league's highest on-field honor and won a Super Bowl in the same season. It's a feat that hasn't been accomplished since 1999 when Kurt Warner led the Rams to a triumph after introducing himself to the football world in the first season of a Hall of Fame career.

Players to Win NFL MVP, Play in Super Bowl inSame Season (since 2000)

Table inside Article
Player Super Bowl Result
KC Patrick Mahomes LVII ???
NE Tom Brady LII Lost
ATL Matt Ryan LI Lost
CAR Cam Newton 50 Lost
DEN Peyton Manning XLVIII Lost
IND Peyton Manning XLIV Lost
NE Tom Brady XLII Lost
SEA Shaun Alexander XL Lost
OAK Rich Gannon XXXVII Lost
STL Kurt Warner XXXVI Lost

Quarterbacks to win an NFL MVP and play a Super Bowl are 0-8 since 2000, per NFL Research, and adding to Mahomes' statistical stress is that he's squaring off with Eagles QB Jalen Hurts, the MVP runner-up. Super Bowl LVII will be the fourth instance in which the MVP and MVP runner-up have played against each other. In the previous three showdowns, the runner-up took home the world championship.

MVP vs. MVP Runner-Up in Super Bowl Matchups

Table inside Article
MVP MVP Runner-up Super Bowl
KC Patrick Mahomes PHI Jalen Hurts LVII
ATL Matt Ryan NE Tom Brady LI
IND Peyton Manning NO Drew Brees XLIV
CIN Ken Anderson SF Joe Montana XVI

Having defeated the Eagles during a 2021 matchup in his only start against the team, Mahomes would join Warner, Brett Favre (Green Bay Packers; 1996), Steve Young (San Francisco 49ers; 1994), Joe Montana (49ers; 1989), Terry Bradshaw (Pittsburgh Steelers; 1978) and Bart Starr (Packers; 1966) as the only players to win an MVP and Super Bowl in the same season with a triumph on Sunday.

It would be the latest and greatest accomplishment for the five-time Pro Bowler, who won his first MVP in the 2018 season and a Super Bowl the year after.

If Mahomes and the Chiefs come up short, though, he will become the 10th player in a row to win the league's highest individual honor and fall days later striving for the NFL's pinnacle of team achievement.

Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes aims to become first player to win MVP, Super Bowl in same season this century (2024)


Why did Patrick Mahomes win Super Bowl MVP? ›

As a fitting way to cap his season, Mahomes also led the Chiefs in rushing with 66 yards on nine runs, including three massive conversions with his legs in the last two minutes of regulation and overtime. All told, Mahomes accounted for 399 of the Chiefs' 455 yards in the Super Bowl.

What year did Patrick Mahomes won his first MVP? ›

In his second season as a professional (2018), he was named the NFL's most valuable player (MVP), and he later led the Kansas City Chiefs to victory in Super Bowls LIV (2020), LVII (2023), and LVIII (2024); he was named MVP of all three games. In the 2022 season Mahomes won his second NFL MVP award.

Why does the QB always win the Super Bowl in MVP? ›

Quarterback is considered the most important position for a team to perform successfully. The narrative that quarterbacks are the linchpins of their teams in the NFL is a well-established one, underscored by the frequent bestowal of the Most Valuable Player (MVP) award on players from this position.

Who won the MVP NFL Super Bowl in 2024? ›

Patrick Mahomes wins Super Bowl MVP for third time after pushing Chiefs to thrilling OT win. Patrick Mahomes won Super Bowl 58 MVP as the quarterback led the Kansas City Chiefs to their third title in five years by beating the San Francisco 49ers 25-22 in overtime Sunday.

What did Mahomes get for winning MVP? ›

By winning NFL MVP, Patrick Mahomes has earned a $1.25M incentive. It's certainly a nice bonus to earn a few days prior to playing in the Super Bowl. He'll even have a chance to earn more contract incentives should he earn the Super Bowl LVII MVP award, which would mark his second career Super Bowl MVP win.

Who is the only 3-time MVP in Super Bowl history? ›

Tom Brady is the only player to have won five Super Bowl MVP awards (four with the New England Patriots and one with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers); Joe Montana and Mahomes won three times and three other players—Bart Starr, Terry Bradshaw and Eli Manning—have won the award twice.

Has any QB won the MVP and Super Bowl in the same year? ›

Having defeated the Eagles during a 2021 matchup in his only start against the team, Mahomes would join Warner, Brett Favre (Green Bay Packers; 1996), Steve Young (San Francisco 49ers; 1994), Joe Montana (49ers; 1989), Terry Bradshaw (Pittsburgh Steelers; 1978) and Bart Starr (Packers; 1966) as the only players to win ...

Has a losing QB ever won Super Bowl MVP? ›

Only once has the MVP come from the losing team—in Super Bowl V when Dallas Cowboys linebacker Chuck Howley won despite the Cowboys losing to the Baltimore Colts 16-13. He became the first non-quarterback MVP after recording two interceptions and a forced fumble.

How many times has a non-QB won the Super Bowl in the MVP? ›

In the 57 Super Bowls played, a quarterback has won the award 32 times, four times more than any other position. Only 10 defensive players have been named Super Bowl MVP, the last being Denver Broncos linebacker Von Miller for his stellar performance in Super Bowl 50.

Is Patrick Mahomes MVP for 2024? ›

Patrick Mahomes wins 2024 Super Bowl MVP: Chiefs QB joins Tom Brady, Joe Montana as only 3-time award winners.

Who is the MVP in 2024? ›

As the NBA playoffs roll on, the 2023-24 NBA MVP is expected to be announced soon. This season's finalists are Denver Nuggets center Nikola Jokic, Dallas Mavericks guard Luka Doncic, and Oklahoma City Thunder guard Shai Gilgeous-Alexander.

What is Patrick Mahomes' salary? ›

Mahomes inked a 10-year, $450 million extension with the Chiefs during the 2020 offseason. The three-time Super Bowl MVP and the team reworked the deal last September so that Mahomes would make $208.1 million from 2023-26.

How did the Super Bowl MVP get? ›

Super Bowl MVP Voting Process

MVP is awarded by a mix of fans and media members. A panel of 16 football writers and broadcasters accounts for 80% of the vote, while fans contribute the 20%.

How many Super Bowl MVPs did Patrick Mahomes have? ›

3 - Mahomes' Super Bowl MVPs, tying him with Joe Montana. He is behind only Brady, who has five.

Who did Patrick Mahomes thank for MVP? ›

He did give an acceptance speech via recorded video. "To the Chiefs organization, Clark Hunt, Brett Veach, Andy Reid, the staff and most of all, my teammates, I would never be standing here today without y'all," Mahomes said.

Does Mahomes have three MVPs? ›

He was named Super Bowl MVP for the third time, a feat only Brady (five times) and Montana (three times) have matched. While he won the game with his arm, Mahomes put himself and his team in position to win the game by making some key plays with his legs.

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