Dak Prescott May Become First Dallas Cowboys Quarterback To Win MVP (2024)

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Dak Prescott May Become First Dallas Cowboys Quarterback To Win MVP (2024)


Does Dak Prescott have a chance to win MVP? ›

Dak Prescott is one of the favorites to win the NFL Most Valuable Player award this year, at +1800 (second-best odds).

Has a cowboy ever won the MVP? ›

No award carries more weight than the MVP, a career-defining honor that has only been awarded to one Cowboys player in franchise history. While Emmitt Smith was able to win it in 1993, many other Cowboys, including Dak Prescott this year, have been a finalist.

Has Dak Prescott ever won a MVP? ›

Dak Prescott has not won the MVP award in his career.

Who is the greatest Cowboy QB of all time? ›

Roger Staubach edged out Troy Aikman as the greatest Dallas Cowboys quarterback of all time. Tony Romo is the Cowboys' all-time leader in both passing yards and touchdown passes. Dak Prescott already ranks third in franchise history in passing yards and second in touchdown passes.

Who is the MVP 2024 NFL? ›

Baltimore Ravens QB Lamar Jackson won Most Valuable Player, making it his second.

Who is most likely to win MVP for the NFL? ›

After leading the Kansas City Chiefs to a win in Super Bowl LVIII, Mahomes opened as the early favorite to be the MVP of the 2024-25 season at +600. Two months later, he still sits at the top spot. Right behind Mahomes is Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen at +800.

Who has won the most Cowboys or Eagles? ›

Cowboys–Eagles rivalry
All-time seriesCowboys lead 73–56–0
Regular season seriesCowboys lead 70–55–0
Postseason resultsCowboys lead 3–1
Largest victoryCowboys 56–7 (1966) Eagles 44–6 (2008)
10 more rows

Who won Super Bowl MVP for Cowboys? ›

Super Bowl 12 – Harvey Martin/Randy White, DL, Dallas Cowboys: Martin and White are the only players who have shared the MVP trophy. They were recognized for Dallas' outstanding defensive performance in a 27-10 victory against the Broncos, as the Cowboys forced eight turnovers.

When was the Cowboys last MVP? ›

Dallas Cowboys haven't had an NFL MVP winner since 1993. They could have one in 2023.

Who is Dak's daddy? ›

Dak is the youngest of Nathaniel and Peggy Prescott's three children.

Does Tony Romo have a MVP? ›

Romo never won an MVP. And he - and the Cowboys of his era - never won enough playoff games to qualify for Super Bowls, as did his Dallas QB predecessors Roger Staubach and Troy Aikman. Because of those two Hall of Famers, there is a standard that must be reached in Dallas before a quarterback is truly anointed.

How many rings does Dak Prescott have? ›

Dak Prescott has not won any championships in his career.
Dak Prescott067.8
Dak Prescott062.9
Dak Prescott067.7
Dak Prescott065.1
4 more rows

What QB has never lost to the Cowboys? ›

The Cowboys are one of three teams who have yet to beat Brady.

Who was the worst Dallas Cowboys quarterback? ›

8 players are tied for the worst career record by a Cowboys quarterback, with a record of 0-1. The first three are Garrett Gilbert, Ben DiNucci and Kellen Moore.

Who is really the best QB of all time? ›

Otto Graham

Three NFL Championships and four more in the rival All-America Football Conference league before the Browns joined the NFL, Graham was as dominant a winner as anyone on this list. To this day, Graham has the highest winning percentage and yards per pass attempt of any quarterback in history.

Who has the best chance to win MVP? ›

2024-25 NFL MVP Odds. The early favorite in NFL MVP odds is Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes at +650. Mahomes was also the early favorite to win the regular season MVP award prior to the 2023 season. He would instead settle for a second straight Super Bowl championship title, along with a second consecutive Super Bowl MVP.

Who has the best chance at MVP? ›

Nikola Jokic, Nuggets

He's the favorite for a third MVP, largely on the heels of an insane playoff run where he averaged 30-12-9 over 20 games and also hit a staggering 46% of 3-pointers. So why not bet on him? You can't quantify his desire now that he already has a title and his trophy case has everything.

Who is favored to be MVP? ›

Lamar Jackson captured his second MVP trophy with a monster season that led his Ravens to the AFC's No. 1 seed, but early odds have him slated behind four other quarterbacks, with C.J. Stroud bumping ahead following the Stefon Diggs trade. And standing at the top is someone you may hear about a lot — Patrick Mahomes.

Who is the only non quarterback to win MVP? ›

The award went to Mahomes twice, Aaron Rodgers three times, Jackson, Tom Brady, Matt Ryan, Cam Newton and Peyton Manning since running back Adrian Peterson was the last non-QB to win MVP.

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